And so I wonder, which one are you? Are you the one who believes that there is another person walking this earth meant for you and you alone? Are you the one that thinks that God has created another half, just for you, and that you will one day meet this person and suddenly you two will fit together like no other, making you realize that those people before were great, but not right, puzzle pieces that could be finagled together if you cheated a little bit with a bend here or a squeeze there, but it's not the same as when two designated pieces slide in together just so.

When I cry. When I sob, I sound just like my mother. I look in the mirror and the tears have magnified my eyes, making them less squinty than normal, less Telles-like, and that face in the mirror is a mirror of my mom's. It's moments like these, when I see myself and hear myself gushing pain and heartache, that I feel most like her daughter.
There are few foods as comforting as spaghetti with red sauce, or as filling. Spaghetti fills everything.

“No-one has ever called me that before,” she said.
“Called you what?” he asked.
“Yeah, right. I don't believe that.”
“Seriously. I have never been called beautiful, until tonight. It is always 'nice rack', or 'you have pretty eyes', but I have never been called beautiful. Do you feel me blushing?”

Hugo Boss breezes into my kitchen, reeking of vermouth and cigarettes. He is tall, with a long neck, and he is skinny like an anorexic cheerleader. Hugo Bossanova is prettier than an anorexic cheerleader. His grin is goofy, like an animated frog, but he knows it, so he hides it. Try to make him laugh, it isn't that hard, and watch his thin lips curl up and his gaunt cheeks get sucked in by his guffaw. Let's go dancing.

Soul mate. Soulmate. A mate for life. I wait.
Hold my hand, and listen to me, and I will talk to you for the rest of my existence.
Your existence. When we graduate to the next plain, I will be there, as well.
Spread all five fingers of your left hand and touch the tips to the tips of the fingers on my right hand. Power. Touch. Love.
Walk with me and we will succeed. Continue.
Find me by the light of my smile.
I wait.