This fourth of July I ventured to Fire Island for the annual “Invasion”. Now, if you are a native Californian, such as myself, or if you are not too familiar with the queer scene on Fire Island, you may have never heard of The Invasion. Every year on the 4th, a ferry full of drag queens makes its way into the dock at The Pines on Fire Island. Spectators abound in bars and restaurants, spilling out on the streets, waiting to cheer the queens as they arrive at The Pines. I was lucky enough to party on a docked boat which gave us a great view of the ferry.

Last weekend I went to my first comic convention. Let me clarify, for of course I have been to comic conventions before, but this was the first time I had my own booth. Let me clarify, again, for even though I had a booth that showcased my comic and the adorable JLLT underwear we had made, it was not, in fact, “my own” booth because I shared it with five other comic creators.

Let me take a minute from my diatribes about my silly dating life and give a shout out to two of my favorite people on this planet. One year ago, on August 14, 2010, my little sister Vanessa married my best friend Alaine. This was a momentous occasion on so many levels. First of all, they were married the week that California repealed Proposition 8, known as the Marriage Ban.

Last week I officiated my sister's wedding. So awesome. Seriously. The thing is that growing up, I always just assumed I would be a bridesmaid standing next to my sister, dabbing my eyes carefully to avoid smearing mascara. Maybe I would say a few words, or read a fitting quote, but I envisioned everything from the sideline. I had zero thoughts of me standing front and center, facing the crowd. What a trip.