The following is yet another Craigslist ad that appears to be for reals, and is basically my worst nightmare:
“ Hello girls we are an upscale foot fetish company specializing in foot fetish
parties where you get paid to party, have fun at a cool stylish party, and make
$400 a night on average while having your feet massaged and kissed! This job is
100% legal and you do NOT take your clothes off this is only about your feet, and
we immediately fire anyone that breaks any rules or laws. This party is held

So I was perusing Craigslist, which is the biggest time suck but has basically been my life for the last month or so, and I came across an ad for part time work. My first tip-off should have been the word "unique", the phrase "no formal hair experience is necessary", and the fact that this was a repeat ad, which is an anomaly in the world of Craigslist employment opportunities. This is the ad: