civil rights

Cesar Chavez, Cesar Chavez
A man, Mexican American,
a Mexi-man.
Lacy Telles, not Tell-us
Tay-yes, entiende?
Biking down the streets of San Francisco
Crossing Cesar Chavez Street
Not paying attention at first
Until I biked by Cesar Chavez Elementary
Until I got a day off of school
Until I took a picture of the mural
in the Mission District, rainbow eyes
inside the weathered face.
I didn’t know that Cesar Chavez
was a pioneer, a leader, a man
willing to stand

The thing is, there are still civil rights issues going on right now.
The thing is, pride and loyalty are no longer ingrained at day one.
The thing is, we are united by soil, by language, by schooling, even something as simple as sports, but we are not all united.
The thing is, there is still slavery.