The sermon from church yesterday really resonated. I know that's a very “churchy” thing to say, but the fact that I am still thinking about Brian's words and am wanting to look over my notes means it is a legit thing to say in these circumstances. And in this advent season, we are supposed to be focusing on preparing the way, our hearts, our lives, for what's to come.

The hunt continues. Tonight I joined a couple of my friends for the evening service of Trinity Grace Church in Chelsea. The pastor was an amazing speaker, with polish and humor and a personable smile and pull, and the music was loud and proud and powerful, but the service was two hours long. Two hours. So what am I left to think about as I drift to sleep? The message? Nope, even though it was a good message. I am sitting here wondering why the service was so long, even longer for those who opted to pray some more at the very end, and then I chastise myself for complaining.

You are awake before the sun has cracked
the not yet simmering surface of San Francisco,
and it feels good.
It is not as cold as it looks,
and it feels good.
On the walk up to the cross
the smell of trees and
flowers in the morning
punctures through the fog.
You look up to see a hawk floating.
It is not soaring, or diving, just hovering.
Have you ever seen a real-life, God-formed Beacon?
Follow the breathing guide, and see the city.
Look below at the city that squeezes your insides