Garbage Rocks my Heart

Shirley Manson is a rockstar. On Friday night, three of my friends joined me for the Garbage concert at Terminal Five in New York City. The concert hall was chock full of fans, most of them longterm fans such as myself, and the energy was a palpable buzz that pushed and shoved its way through the crowd. The two hour show was frenetic, and our voices were hoarse, and aside from a few drunken idiots who didn't listen to their bodies yelling “no more”, there were grins abounding. The night was a perfect alliance of music, best friends, nostalgia, dancing, singing, joy, and New York City.
And I walked out of the venue declaring my love for this band that has made me sing and dance for almost twenty years. Twenty years! The thing is, my love extends beyond the musical talent of this raucous band, beyond my adoration of frontwoman Shirley Manson, beyond the songs that make me pop. I love Garbage for all of those reasons, but I love them because they are humble, grateful, open and genuine. How many concerts have you been to where the band thanks the fans? Sure, most bands throw out a thank you, especially when they are young and new to the scene. But Shirley? She thanked the fans multiple times, and it wasn't a quick “thank you”; it was a speech from the bottom of her heart expressing the gratitude that she and the band have felt at the warm, welcome homecoming they received after their seven year hiatus. She made reference to the tweets and the Facebook shout outs the fans have posted. She smiled and the honesty flowed from her and it made my heart fill up. Throughout the show she made reference to how blessed the band feels, and this in turn reminded me how blessed I felt to be a part of this group of people, these odd balls, these punks, these men and women who have followed a band for two decades and who beamed, like me, when Shirley Manson doled out the gratitude.
Shirley Manson, Butch Vig, Garbage . . .they are rockstars to emulate. And to follow.