The Great Church Hunt of 2011

The hunt continues. Tonight I joined a couple of my friends for the evening service of Trinity Grace Church in Chelsea. The pastor was an amazing speaker, with polish and humor and a personable smile and pull, and the music was loud and proud and powerful, but the service was two hours long. Two hours. So what am I left to think about as I drift to sleep? The message? Nope, even though it was a good message. I am sitting here wondering why the service was so long, even longer for those who opted to pray some more at the very end, and then I chastise myself for complaining. And then I think about all those other people and how happy and comfortable they seemed, and it seems pretty obvious that not everyone is bothered by this whole two hour thing. It's like I am less holy for wanting a service under an hour and a half. Let's get serious, I want it to be more like an hour and fifteen, even. And then I think to myself that if I truly loved the message and the singing, and if I connected to it like I was holding one end of a tin can on a string and God had the other can, then I would probably want a longer service. Crave it. But I have church throughout the week, and maybe my church is during my bike ride or when I am soaking up the sun on a bench by myself or when I am walking the dogs in the morning, but it is there and it is real. So maybe that is why I have less tolerance for lengthy services. And then I think to myself that I should have more patience and more focus. And then myself reminds me that I am not infallible and I should give myself a break. So I am not quite rejuvenated, but I am not discouraged.