Dating in 2011: All Good Things

Alas, I have no fun stories to relay. This is good news, folks, because it means I have only been going on good dates. Lovely dinners, delicious brunches, good company, blah blah blah. No gun-toting punks with poor grammar and horrific spelling. No recent vomiting (thank God) to report, and no strange experiences to share. I know I should be happy that the dating gods have smiled on me these past couple of weeks, but I can't help but feel a little despondent that my fodder jar is so empty. And I know people like my dating blogs more than my creative writing, and no, my feelings are not hurt, and yes, I am just happy that someone reads this. So, I will continue to put myself out there, and I will share my stories. For now, the sun is shining.
Also, the photo above clearly has nothing to do with my dating life, but I just wanted to share it because it is so darn cute. Coco, Ma'amie, Abby, and Olive all went hiking with us in Cold Spring, NY. Magical.