Dating in 2011: Facebook is the Devil

I resisted Facebook for a long time. I remember using words like “lame” and “trendy” and “not gonna last” when my friends first started peer pressuring me to join. But then, I caved. And now, I post photos on Fbook on a regular basis, and I love looking at friends' photos, and I certainly am entertained by the ridiculous comments that my hilarious friends post on my photos. But. But! Facebook is of a certain strain of evil that is weaved into our world so deftly it is disguised as fun. One obvious element is the fact that it can be (and is for most) a total time suck. That's a topic for another day, don't even get me started on it now, people. But when it comes to dating, Fbook is potentially the worst outlet to turn to, and can cause multiple kinks and bruises to all parties who get sucked into the Fbook vortex. Our mothers never had to deal with the complicities involved in easily accessible cyber stalking. Shooot, not even our older sisters were exposed to this strange side of dating! But here we are, single women, trying to be the mature, better person and fight our desire to stalk our current love interest. And if I resist the urge, I also have to instruct my gal pals to refrain from gleaning what they can from what's available. But what to do when information is broadcasted for all to see? I “friend” you, photos are posted here and there (not even by me, but what can you do, my friends and I love to take pics) and you are obsessed with “checking in”. My friends find it amusing that you check me in at every coffee shop, lunch place, bar, and concert we go to, even though I am not necessarily a fan of the whole four square thing. And I go along with it, half the time don't even notice that you're doing it, and I shake it off. But then I notice over the weekend that you have checked in with someone else. You two are at an Italian place for dinner, followed by a show downtown. I don't even have to pry for this information, it is blasted on my screen and of course the walls of my friends that you have also “friended” (such a friendly guy you are!). And maybe she is a buddy, you obviously have many, and of course we aren't exclusive anyway, and no I am not going to click on her name to dig deeper. So I ignore it, all part of that “being the bigger person” I strive for, and I try not to overanalyze. And then I see that a day after we've hung out, you two are hitting the town all day and night. And what's that? Breakfast the next day, looks like you were able to sleep in a little bit, good for you, for both of you. And then off to the movies, catching that flick we had talked about seeing together, but maybe you'd forgotten or maybe you like to see movies twice or maybe you just didn't care. And it's a weird feeling to feel physical pain when the slap in the face is metaphorical. And maybe I shouldn't criminalize Fbook when perhaps you are the one to blame, but I can't help but wonder if I should just cancel it completely.