One Year in Manhattan

One year in Manhattan. New friends aplenty; I am still surprised with the amount of friends I have managed to finagle. Old friends who are like new again. Two weddings attended, two more celebrated. Two bike accidents, one visit to the ER. Countless novels read, dozens of comics written. One short film, three scripts tossed aside. A trip to New Hampshire. Montauk. Long Beach. Rhode Island. Catskill. Hiking in Jersey. Hiking in apple country. Hiking with four crazy dogs. One day of leaf peeping. Picnics in parks and beaches and on the Westside Highway. Too many dates to recount (but boys, thank you for the fodder and the blog material). One amazing book club with seven amazing women (and an array of possible book club names but no final decision made). Another book club that serves delicious food, but I just can't commit. An epic bike ride to the Cloisters. Snowstorm on Halloween weekend. And only one other snowfall worth mentioning. One failed kiss attempt. At least six visits to the vet. Concerts galore, but Bon Iver under the stars and fireflies remains in my heart, right up there with the incomparable weekend surrounding LCD Soundsystem. Anniversaries. Epic Birthday weekend with my California loves. My nephew's first visit to NYC. Three lighthouses. Five Broadway shows. Seven different churches attended, one that grabbed me. Two panic attacks (maybe more, but let's get serious, no need to delve). An insane number of out of town visitors, including baby Shay. Two visits by Mom, one by Dad, not enough by Vanessa. One heart stolen, scary at first but then awesome. One Easter brunch hosted that turned into game night. One Thanksgiving dinner that turned into crazy drunken game night. Movie Club. Dinner Club. Movie Club that is really just sit and around and talk and play with each other's hair club. Not enough rooftop parties, but lovely nonetheless. Two salons, countless jobs searched. One new alter ego created for real. One new writing gig on the Huffington Post. Multiple writing dates with beautiful friends. One trip to the enchanting island off Belize. One Manta Ray spotted, and at least a few sharks. Thousands of miles flown. Three bridges crossed by bike, one on my own two feet. So many letters written and received. And memories, so many memories, created.