My first Comic Festival!

Last weekend I went to my first comic convention. Let me clarify, for of course I have been to comic conventions before, but this was the first time I had my own booth. Let me clarify, again, for even though I had a booth that showcased my comic and the adorable JLLT underwear we had made, it was not, in fact, “my own” booth because I shared it with five other comic creators. This is what you do when booths cost hundreds of dollars and you've already spent hundreds of dollars creating your comics and fancy underwear and you're not even sure you will sell one copy let alone the 60 copies you would need to sell to make it worth it.
And so my manager flew out from California (yes, I have a manager, and yes, she is my sister) to help me and my illustrator man our booth for two days at the indie comic fest known as MOCCA Fest 2012. I had absolutely no idea what to expect, for I am new to the this whole game, but the experience as a whole was invaluable and invigorating.
Here are a few highlights/details/things that have stuck:
I am old. I know I don't look it, but I was surrounded by youth starting out and when I did encounter a creator in my age bracket, they had inevitably been in the business for many years already.
My “cool” factor increased exponentially since I was an older, somewhat cute girl with pretty, styled hair, surrounded by young, unkempt comic boys with dirty hair.
I went to a panel of successful memoir comic creators and was more inspired than I could have predicted. This is why it is important to go to these things.
While we only sold a little over a dozen comics, this is more than most people and it felt darn good.
We were the only booth with underwear for sale, making us notorious which basically equals popular.
I wish we had brought a rainbow flag to really represent!