Visiting the EAMOrphanage

Visiting the EAMOrphanage

During our tour, we camped one night at the East African Mission Orphanage. This was a new route for the Africa Travel Company and our group was trying it out to see if it was something that they would permanently add to their tour schedule.

The EAMO is located on a big plot of land and has large, open stone buildings that serve as classrooms and also contain dorm rooms filled with bunk beds on either side. I am guessing there were almost 200 kids there, and we joined them for dinner on a Wednesday night. After grabbing a bowl of soup and a few pieces of chapati, Vanessa and I made our way to the table of boys that had scooted over to make room and frantically cried out to grab our attention.

We sat with a group of 12 year olds, though you wouldn't know it by looking at them for they were all quite petite. Their English was superb and their manners were sweet. It turns out that they often get visitors (there is another tour group that makes regular stops to the site) but it was clear that they were happy and appreciative, nonetheless.

When a motorcycle came pulling up outside, the kids all raced out in excitement. When I asked my new friend Daniel about the older Aussie couple that had pulled their bike right up to the door, he announced, “It's Mom and Dad!!”. Ralph and May, the couple that had started EAMO so many years ago, was his Mom and Dad, along with everyone else's.

They all called them that and they all clearly adored them; it was touching.

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