To the Dog...

Mamela in Maine, July 2016

To the dog that hates karate
To the dog that could outrun the entire dog park
To the dog that loves Diet Coke bottles
To the dog that makes crazy alien noises when she even glimpses a Chuck It
To the dog who chased her ball into the waves
To the dog who loved Chrissy Field
To the dog who loved Fort Funston
To the dog who loved Laguna Beach
To the dog who loves Provincetown
To the sheriff always on patrol
To the dog who comes running every time she hears the popcorn machine
To the dog who loves to eat watermelon
To the dog who morphed into Mr. Hyde the first time she got a bully stick
To the dog who ate the banana bread and blamed it on Olive
To the dog who killed it at the tidbit toss
To the dog idolized by Baby Olive O.
To the dog that refused to play dead.
To the last Ma'amsey,
To the Canine Dame Judi Dench,
To the dog park dog, a dog park dog, born to be a dog park dog,
To the dog who thinks singing is for babies,
To the dog that mauls plush toys like she's killing prey
To the dog that fake bites my hand when I trim her nails
To the dog that invented Quiet Dinosaur
To my right hand gal
To my M, my Ma'amie, my Mamela
To my best friend
the good girl
our best girl,
I truly hope we meet again.
I will bring the tennis ball.