Spring in Alaska

Welcome to Spring in the Northwest
but like the way north Northwest
Like the where are we on the map Northwest
Alaska, the Last Frontier
the Big Dipper on a navy blue flag
where there are more men than vaginas
“where the odds are good
but the goods are odd”
where you drive past moose crossings
and the Chena River at every turn.

Snow piled upon snow piled upon ice
and gosh darn it if you don’t slip
every fourth step.
I see green fighting through barren brown
and I know it seems impossible
but I swear we have seen the forest multiply
in just five days.
Don’t peel the birch off the birch trees
(but who would do such a thing?)
and ignore the bedraggled hitchhikers
boring their eyes into your sunglasses
flicking their thumbs at your breasts
and whatever you do
keep your gas tank full and your truck
at the ready.