Sadness Tugging

I feel sadness tugging at my jacket
And I ignore her.
She tugs again, this time with more force
And I turn around and look down at her.
She is a small, sickly little girl
with black around her eyes.
I am not sure if it is bruises or smeared make-up
or dark circles from insomnia.
Sadness wears a bonnet, but it is crumpled
and worn and actually kinda filthy.
I want to rip it off her fragile scalp, but I
also don't want to acknowledge that I notice these details.
Sadness pulls at my sleeve and then motions
For her sister to come closer.
Her sister is even more slight,
but slightly more beautiful,
save for the thin and lonely flesh that is accentuated by her
plain and smudged jumper.
They look so helpless and so orphaned.
My instinct is to pull them to me,
one under each arm,
and let them feel the warmth and the
comfort and the healing that they are so obviously lacking.
But my instinct is not always right.
So I flip around and move forward.
If I pretend not to notice them,
I can keep moving.
Except it is tiring doing all of this walking
and ignoring and living.
I feel like all I need is a good rest
and I will be back to my old self.
Sadness squeezes my palm
and that is when I realize that I have
been holding her left hand.
Her right hand is intertwined with
her sister's, who smiles dreamily
and shakes her head.
Sadness squeezes again
and then points to my darkened bedroom.
She pulls me towards it and offers a half smile.
The bed is teeming with blankets
and my body shivers.
I never realized how cold it is out here
and those poor poor girls
have no fat on their bodies to keep them warm.
They seem to be thinking the same thing
And they lean toward the room.
They incline their heads to me-
It is my choice after all,
but it is apparent what they want me to decide.
I look at Sadness and her counterpart
and I smile,
for they truly are beautiful.
Underneath that disgusting bonnet
and behind that dirty smock
are two sweet, devoted little girls
That want to be with me.
I caress their pallid faces and I
run my fingers through their straggly hair.
They could use a bath
but perhaps a nap first?
I head towards the bedroom and my inviting bed.
Sadness and her sister skip ahead of me
and for a second I thought I glimpsed a
look pass between them.
A satisfied look, maybe even a wink,
but maybe it was just my imagination.