Dialogue between me and my client

I really want to cut my hair, it's just so long, but I can't. My husband likes it long. So can you keep the length but maybe lighten up the layers? But make it so he doesn't know I cut it. And bangs. Maybe bangs.
Will the bangs interfere with your head scarf?
No, I'll pull them back. I just want something different and it's been long forever.
Ok. I can do that. You said you were a student; what are you studying?
I'm studying to become a pharmacist.
Yeah, I just hope I don't get pregnant.
(Caught off guard wide eyes) Well, pardon my personal question, but are you taking measures to prevent pregnancy?
What? Oh no. My husband would never allow it. He thinks it's dumb that I am even finishing school now that we are married. He keeps saying, 'What's the point? Once we have babies you will not be working.'
How does that make you feel?
Oh, it's fine.
Actually it makes me really mad. I've put a lot of years and studying into school, you know? I don't want it all to go to waste. Like, maybe there isn't a point, but I'm not pregnant yet, so I might as well finish.
How long have you been married?
Just a few months. It was arranged.
Did you meet him before the wedding?
No. I saw photos, but we met the day of the wedding. I'm lucky, he's handsome and tall. My sister's husband is short. Very short.
How old are you?
23. I grew up in Pakistan but moved to New York when I was younger. I love New York. My ex and I went skydiving here last year.
Your ex?
He's my best friend. We were in love, but my family doesn't allow “love marriages”. He is married now, too. Also arranged. He was so mad when I got married, but now look, he's married to a beautiful woman. She is prettier than me. I wish she wasn't. I used to be skinnier but now I wear my veil and shawl and no one else sees me besides my husband, so what's the point?
Are you sure you don't want me to cut more off?