Today at Dolores Park

Dolores Park. I moseyed on over this afternoon with a jug of ice water, a big towel, my book, and my iPod. Bikini clad. I found a spot that was half in the shade of an oldtimer tree, and half in the sweltering sunshine. It was on an incline, and I actually thought to myself, “you never lay on the hilly part of the park; let's try it today”. So I did. And I spread my towel out and I flopped on my brown belly, and with a sigh of contentment I opened my novel. Over the Swedish Rock band belting in my ears I heard the strum of an acoustic guitar. There was a man, a boy, a guy sitting in the shade above me. He had a scruffy and untamed hairsideburnsbeard that was the color of my passionfruit candle on my bedroom bookshelf. His sunglasses were retro cool, and his t-shirt was faded and featured a popular band from the 80's. I turned off my iPod and I listened to his strumming and it was fantastic. He even started to sing a little bit. He sounded like a folky Eddie Vedder, and when he pulled a cigarette out of his man purse I was amused by his rockstar visage. But you know what? He sounded darn good and it's ok if he affects a certain look when he comes to Dolores Park to jam by himself because his playing and his singing made this girl close her eyes in joy. I dropped my book and rolled onto my back. Above me blue and palm trees. The standard marijuana smell was overpowered by the smoky trails coming from the barbecue happening in the section above me. Dogs barked and whooshed by, adding some friendly staccato to the guitar playing. My handsome minstrel smoked for only a minute or two before stubbing his cigarette out to re-write some lyrics. My face remained in the shade but sweat pooled on my abdomen and I rubbed my feet in the soft grass. Two guys sitting on the stairs smiled at me and ate their melting popsicles. A tennis ball sailed overhead quickly followed by an exuberant Schnauzer. As much as I wanted to read my book, I relished the scene I was a part of and I smiled at every person who even remotely looked my way. It was simply wonderful.