Before you call my dog old

You should know that she has been my right hand girl for eleven years.
You should remember that to some people, their canine companions are like their children, and no one wants to hear that their little baby is getting old.
Remember that I have another little Terrier that looks up to this “Old Gal”, and has no idea what life would be like without her.
You should know that I worked in a vet's office for years, and thus have witnessed the unforeseen deaths and the euthanasias of countless pets, often pets that look just like my own. Sometimes these pets are completely different breeds or even species, but they have the same eyes as my girl and those eyes can penetrate my soul when I think to pay attention.
Ponder the fact that one day I may have to make an unselfish decision, and that decision could potentially be one of the hardest things I will ever have to do.
Remember that even humans can go grey prematurely, and that silver hair doesn't automatically induct you in the senior citizens' club.
Don't forget that age is just a number, and no one deserves to be a victim of ageism. In fact, my girl is anti-prejudice all around.
You should know that not a week goes by where I don't think about her demise, because I am a worry wart and that's just what I do. It's okay for me to be unnecessarily anxious about something completely hypothetical and morbid, because that is me; but it is not acceptable for you to hint at her mortality with key phrases such as “old”, or “long life”, or “lifespan”.
You should know that she has always been a good girl, even when she was a tiny Boston Terrorist puppy and her instinct didn't always jive with my commands. In fact, there is nothing that this girl wouldn't do for me, except live forever.