Happy New Year 2013, from NYC!

Over the last two weeks my friends and clients have been asking if I have made any New Year's resolutions. I guess that is a standard go-to query directly after January first, and I wonder how many people proffer similar responses. How many people talk about diet and exercise, going to yoga, reading certain or more books, traveling, making more money, caring less about money, finding more alone time, being more social or less social depending on which way the pendulum swings. How many people make promises? To themselves, to each other? Or review promises from the years past?
Anyway, all this to say that I am not the type of girl to make New Year's resolutions. I am, however, the type of girl to make regular, non-holiday resolutions, though I call them goals. I am the type of girl who devises what she wants to do, get done, accomplish, and then I do it. I can attest that checking off the list is more satisfying than bandying around ideas with one another. Not to say that accountability isn't essential, because of course it is. And so what we should do as friends and sisters is to listen, to check in, to follow up and to follow through. Goals can be more readily achieved with the right support, the right encouragement. If you weren't able to get a fresh start at the first of the year, now is the time.
Oh, and as for my first New Year's Eve in NYC? It was not a letdown, as many threatened, but rather a super fun night out with a couple of my besties, some good music, some good looking people, and an open dance floor. I knew I loved this town.