Volunteering with the Ali Forney Center

This is what volunteering at an LGBT youth shelter program looks like:
Dishes. Not as many as you'd imagine, but always dishes. Incoming residents, graduating residents, booted residents, and recurring residents. I've made friends. I am respected and maybe sometimes liked. French fries, sometimes fried and sometimes baked, depending on the staff member on duty. Always extra salty when I'm in charge. Reality television, OMG reality television. Sometimes music videos on MTV, but mostly we watch shameless America embarrassing themselves on camera. Chatting, superficially usually, cleaning, cooking, re-stocking, and chatting some more. There is a mix of gay and lesbian and transgender, but we don't talk too much about it. And I arrive with a smile and leave with a smile, wondering on the bike ride home (always wondering) how it is that I ended up being born where I was when I was in my home with my parents my upbringing my church my life.